11 ago. 2010

El castillo flotando (Arizona)

I am traveling a lot and I always take my camera with me. I like to photograph beautiful places or just to capture special moments on my cam. All the snaps I do are collected in my archive; the ones I like the most I deal with first; others are just waiting for their turn to come out of the shade and turn into a beautiful creation.
I've never been to United States, never visited such beautiful places as Arizona and Utah with their magnificent canyons, or Colorado and Wyoming with their vast prairies, but my sister who lives in Arizona sends me pictures of the places she's been to and tells various stories about this or that place. It's like taking me on a virtual tour; I see everything through the perspective of her photos that are very detailed. After looking at them for many times I get my own vision of the place and this is how I get an idea of what I want to make as my future piece of art. I use Photoshop screen as my canvas and different magic tools make my palette, those are my best friends who I rely on and who help me to take the picture I've had in my head and make it a reality, that I gladly share with you! Then the one thing that's left is to make a picture come out on the paper..
I believe imagination helps us to express ourselves better, to share our mood without saying a single word...Sometimes it creates an illusion, but sometimes it's worth it…

10 ago. 2010


"Vemos la luz del atardecer anaranjada y violeta porque llega demasiado cansada de luchar contra el espacio y el tiempo."   

Albert Einstein
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"El  corazon  con  flor" 30x40

3 ago. 2010

"Tormentas de Colorado"

La noche ha sido larga.
Como desde cien años 
de lluvia, 
de una respiración embravecida 
proveniente de un fondo de vértigo nocturno, 
de un cántaro colorado 
jadeando en la tierra, 
el viento ha desatado su tempestad violenta 
sobre el velo anhelante de la ilusión 
efímera, sobre los fatigados menesteres 
y tú y yo, en la colina 
más alta, 
en el rincón de nuestros dos silencios, 
abrazados al tiempo del amor, desvelándonos.  
Deja que el viento muerda sobre el viento. 
Yo te cerraré los ojos

                            Elvio  Romero

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